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Posts published in April 2015

3 Reasons Why Solo Diets Don’t Work

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3 Reasons Why Solo Diets Don’t WorkEspecially in America, where Obesity is a growing concern, January is generally the most popular month for us to declare ‘we’re on a diet’ (the second most popular is April, with the upcoming bikini season just around the corner). What is a Solo Diet? It simply means dieting by yourself. While YOUR WEIGHT  is YOUR BUSINESS, it is simply much more difficult when you are ALL ON YOUR OWN. Why? People around you are not IN YOUR SHOES. They don’t understand and they don’t support you. Some may show interest, but most would ‘secretly’ rather you fail. Imagine you trying to eat a leafy green, dressing-less salad while your husband is chomping on a pizza? That could happen once or twice, but not long term. Why else? the temptation around you is simply too great. With today’s social life, chances are that you are eating out with friends, co-workers, family, chatting and drinking and throwing out your diet ‘UNTIL TOMORROW’. Peer pressure is still amongst us even years after we left high school. So you will continue to eat, badly. Lastly, you don’t have a ‘Guardian Angel’ – there’s no one to guide you, motivate you. Have you ever tried to MOTIVATE YOURSELF (hint: try getting yourself out of bed on a Sunday!). It’s so hard that it is easier to just fail. So what’s the solution? Well, it’s obvious. Get a Partner. Spouses are the best if you have one, but dieting buddies are great too. And they don’t have to be a real buddy. There are websites, and apps, that gives you virtual buddies, that will cheer you on and hold you accountable for your progress.