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Posts published in July 2015

How can you resist…. A face like this

The Foolish Couple 0

Tiny, fluffy, overloaded cuteness, with the voice of an angel….   She’s Chloe, or should I say, HE is Chloe.   Here’s the story.   Year: 2006. Setting: Newark, CA Incident: Our good friends, Trish and John, went on vacation, and left behind their 2 cats: Obi and Omsi. (Obi has sinced passed away and we are very saddened by it). Obi was on a special diet where we can only get at the pet store.   One day, as we walked into their house, we saw a trail of ants marching towards Obi’s special diet, laboring to bring the kitty food back to their colony. Needless to say, we took care of the ant problem, but the food is not longer edible.   Panicked, we called Trish and asked her where we can buy more of Obi’s cat food, and that’s why we went to Central Vet Hospital.   Right there, in the vet office, outside the chicken coup, was a giant cage. Sitting inside was 2 kitties: Chloe, and another little kitty. They were playing, wrestling inside.   The moment I saw Chloe it’s all over. Love at first sight. I knew I can’t leave her at the vet. I had to take her home. And I just assumed she’s a girl because of her long fluffy hair.   But I resisted. We already have 2 cats at home, and Rally (The Alpha, who passed away 2 years ago), and Chewy, the super skittish kitty, probably won’t be too happy with the competition. So we left.   But we went back. 2 days later. She was the only thing I could think about for 2 days and I’m sure Rally and Chewy will learn to deal with her. So we took her home. The nurse at the vet confirmed that she’s a girl.   Yeah! Our first daughter! How exciting! And she’s a Beauty! (Not to sound mean, but I always wondered how parents deal with super ugly children…)   So she got home, and she quickly claimed everything to be her territory. Couch, cardboard boxes, pillows, everywhere that she finds comfortable.   A few months later, we brought her back to get her first check up. And that’s when we found out the big secret:   Chloe IS A BOY!Chloe is a BOY!              Yikes!   Ah well. She has already gotten used to being called Chloe, and so have we.   In our minds, she’s a girl. A pretty girl. So she remained our baby girl. Anyways, she’s neutered. She does have ultra big feet that makes her even more cute.   And she grew up to be even more beautiful. Everybody, our friends, family, cat sitters, they all love her. She loves to pay ball.   Her favorite food is mango pudding. And vanilla ice cream. She likes to drink milk and she licks the coffee out of my cup.   She kept her (human) cousins company.   She’s a…