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Posts published in September 2015

What’s with me and my Iphone?

The Foolish Couple 0

As I sit here, looking at my brand new iPhone 6S Plus, I can’t help but wonder,What makes Apple successful?How do they turn me into an iPhone junkie? I am not alone. Judging by their latest sales numbers, this phenomenon is worldwide, and spreading fast. I used to mock my husband for having ‘iPhonitis’ – his hand is perpetually stuck to the phone, holding it like a precious baby, all his attention on this tiny little screen. It is as if he is holding a baby. Loved, cherished, never letting go.And then a newer model comes out. And he couldn’t wait to get rid of the old and move on with the new. I should thank God that he doesn’t do the same with his wives. And then I got my own iPhone. And I fell into the iPhonitis. It is inevitable. I can’t let it go. Driving out and forget my wallet? that’s ok. Driving out and forget my iPhone? Unacceptable. As long as I’m close enough to my house, I would brake hard, crank my steering wheel, turn around and head right back home. Just to pick up my precious little baby (phone). If I am to threaten you that I would take away your phone, unless you give up something. What are you willing to give up so that you can keep your phone? Coffee? Chocolates? your favorite hobby? TV? Exercise? Shoes? Sex? I am amused to find out that there are some people who would give up shoes, walking bare foot for the rest of their lives, so that they can keep their phones.So Why, Why is this iPhone so important, so addictive that I must have it? Is that what makes Apples successful? Over the years, there are a gazillion articles analyzing Apple, what makes them successful, predicting the fall of the Apple empire. Some says it’s all about the late Steve Jobs, which, I do agree is a superb salesman with a grand vision, but his legacy continues after he passed. Other think it’s because they have the latest technology. Which, quite honestly, that’s probably not that true.  Comparing specifications to ‘those other brands out there’ (whatever they are), Apple never win by specs. Is it because they have a comprehensive line of products? Well, that wasn’t always the case. They started with the iPod, which ties in with iTunes, followed by the iPhone, and then the iPad. All ties in to iTunes. And then they introduce the iCloud, which works in sync with iTunes and everything else. So then what is it? I believe, Apple’s success is based on their vision to change the world. They see things differently. They don’t compete on price, on features. They make it simple to use, makes it beautiful, and they paint pictures in our heads about how our lives could be so much better if only we have an iPhone. Is it brilliant marketing? Yes, and it is because it comes from their heart, not from…