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Posts published in December 2015

The Foolish Couple @Home: Never Give Up. Never Surrender.

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Never Give Up… Never Surrender!From a older favorite movie of our times, ‘Galaxy Quest’ used the phrase ‘Never Give Up, Never Surrender’ when the characters were stuck in a difficult situation. Don’t we all give up some times? We surrender to difficult situations? Far too often, we give up on our Dreams, Goals, Desires, Wants, because we do not want to face the ‘Tough times’, the ‘Difficult Situations’, we surrender our desires to ‘DREAM STEALERS’: our Parents, friends, family, spouse, even Ourselves: Have you Told yourself that this CAN’T BE DONE? That your Dreams are TOO BIG? How many times have you given up because your Parents says you can’t do it? Then how does SUCCESSFUL people do it? ‘Never Give Up. Never Surrender’. Watch the episode here:  Action for today: Think about your Dreams, Goals, Desires, Material Wants… Write them down. Review them. What happened to them? Who stole your dreams? What is ONE THING you can do to RE-IGNITE your DREAM?