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Posts published in January 2016

The Foolish Couple @Home-The 2-5-6 Plan to your New Body

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Our 2-5-6 Plan to a Cleaner YouAs we starts a new year, we tend to make ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ – Some wants to gain weight, most others wants to lose some. Some proclaims to exercise everyday, others swear to start eating ‘Healthy’. No matter what your ‘Resolution’ may be, most tends to fail after several weeks, or months. There are many ‘theorists’ out there teaching us how to ‘bump up our Willpower’, ‘Never Fail again” methods, and such. But here’s our take on the 2 main reasons why you fail to reach your goals.CLICK HERE for Link to Video No 1: You don’t know WHY YOU SET THESE GOALS. The most common goals this time of year is ‘I want to lose X lbs’. Whether it is 5, 10, 50, 100 lbs, the number does not matter. The problem with this statement is that it does not remind you WHY you want to lose the weight. Do you want to lose the weight so that you can fit back into those skinny Levis 501 jeans? Why do you want to wear those jeans? Who are you expecting to compliment you? Are are you advertising for Levis? Your WHY will determine whether you succeed or fail. So restate your resolution. Now.No 2: You don’t have a solid EXECUTION PLAN. Worst yet, you don’t actually have a plan. Want to lose 10 lbs? Do you have a diet and exercise plan in place? how much weight do you want to lose each week? How are you planning to maintain the weight loss? Are you starting on the right foot? In the case of weight loss, or, we like to rephrase it: It’s not about Weight Loss. It’s about Waste Loss Tweet this Cleansing doesn’t mean showering, or bathing. While you can be clean on the outside, you may be filthy on the outside. And that’s where ‘DETOX’ comes into play.If you plan to start getting healthy, it is extremely helpful for you to start with a ‘Clean Slate’ – cleansing your body would help. In this video we talk about the 5-day RESET program that we swear by, that we’ve had tried and true results. We also demonstrates 6 detox water recipes that we love and are so easy to make, you’ll fall in love with them.      For Recipes to our detox waters, click here This sums up our 2-5-6 Plan: 2 ways to ensure you reach your goals. 5-day Reset, and 6 detox recipes. Happy New Year!   Sign up for our Newsletter here.  Note: We are not medical professionals and we are, by no means, offering medical advice. If you have any health concerns, please consult your physician. These blogs and videos are our opinions only and should not be taken as professional advice.