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Posts published in March 2016

Don’t be a Victim

The Foolish Couple 0

Stop playing the role of a Victim …..This week, the Foolish Couple talks about victimizing yourself, and why you should stop treating yourself as a victim. <Post your Comments Below> We’ve all been wronged. At some point in our lives, all of us have been cheated on, lied to, conned, robbed, stolen, and so on. By all definitions, we became a victim.When situation is out of our control, how do we take responsibility? How can we be responsible of we’ve been robbed? How can we control those Enron executives from cheating and taking money from us? It is outside out control. Isn’t it? Not exactly. Our birthday is coming up. Soon. In fact, as a child, both of us went through hell every year during our birthdays. Why? We’re April Fools. Yes. We were both born on April 1st. April Fool’s Day. All Fools Day.You are Such a Fool!We’ve been laughed at. Teased on. Other kids threw eggs at us. Our friends made up mean nick names of us. They called us dumb, stupid, silly. Kids were mean. And we were the victims of their meanness. Growing up, I blamed my parents for giving birth to me on that day. We had no control of our birthday. It was Fate. A few hours earlier, or a few hours later, and we’d have been like any other kid. We could celebrate a normal birthday.We are “Fated” to be ‘Foolish’Even after we grew up. On our special day, when we tell others that we’re celebrating our birthdays, others would thought we were playing a joke on them. No one would believe that we could both had some a ‘dumb’ birthday. We feel like Victims. Every year. On Our Birthday. How can we De-Victimize Ourselves?E + R = OEvent + Response = Outcome The Event, the fact that our birthday falls on April 1st, cannot be changed. We can’t take responsibility of it. However, we could change our Response. We can ‘Act As If’ we have responsibility of our birthdays. We can change our response. Rather than feeling like a victim every year, we decided to take advantage of it. We became ‘The Foolish Couple’We became mentors and coaches on the success principles. We empower people to achieve BOTH professional and personal success. We give you tools so that you, too, can manage your life. We ‘Lead’ our lives and we can show you how to Lead Yours too.Be the Hero of Your Own LifeWe love Superheros. Superman, Batman (not Ben Affleck), Daredevil (not Ben Affleck),  Wonder Woman, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Captain America, Wolverine. They each have different skills. They all came from different backgrounds. Yet they all became heroes. They became not only Heroes to themselves, they ‘Pay It Forward’ and became heroes of others too.That’s Our Concept. ‘Pay Forward’We struggled through years of victimizing ourselves. But we can across good coaches, good mentors. They helped us got through the shame, the sadness, the low self esteem, the lack of confidence.…