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Posts published in May 2016

The Foolish Couple – 5 Things Couples Can Do to Improve Their Relationships

The Foolish Couple 1

The Foolish Couple – 5 Things Couples can do to improve their Relationships–The Foolish Couple@ Home blogpostHave you ever wish for a better relationship with your partner? Do you want more intimate moments with him/her?Over the long weekend, we have met up with different groups of friends, some are single, some are in a relationship. Some has children, some don’t. Some will hang out together as a couple, some simply cannot stand each others’ presence.Growing up, I’ve watched my parents fight over just about everything. Food, money, what TV program to watch. Even the most minor things seems to cause a major argument. I have never seen them get along. Similar types of relationships seem to run in my family. My brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles, all have marital problems, go through multiple marriages, and never seem to be happy with their spouse. I know the type of relationship that I don’t want, and I vow to never be in the same situation.Having been together 28 years, we feel closer to each other than ever. We are each others’ best friend, we coach each other, and spoil each other. Even as we’ve been through a wide variety of life challenges, financial, health, career, family, and business problems, we manage to stay together. Our friends often ask us, how do we manage to live together, work together, and somehow manage to have such a loving relationship. Here’s 5 things that we came up with that may help you boost your relationship.¬† 1. Go out for an adventureWhen was the last time you took your honey out for an adventure? Remember when you first started to chase for your significant other? All the planning you did for the first date, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, first anniversary. Things should not have changed after a few years together or after you are married. If anything, since you know each other so much better, you should be doing more things together. You now know what they like and don’t like and can plan better adventures together. Minna and I always had a passion for fast cars and great food even when we first met. So we embrace our passions and build upon them for our adventures. Over the years we upgraded to faster and nicer cars from our first 82 Nissan 200sx to our Current Tesla S P85D and we started eating at fast food Restaurants such as McDonald’s to searching for new exciting more exotic places to eat. Think about what you love to do as a couple and start planning on adventures around that. Maybe you like the outdoors, plan more hiking or Camping trips together. You don’t have to wait for special occasions, you can go hiking every weekend.2. Hold their handWe all need¬† to be loved and held. Even as a baby we wanted to be embraced all the time. Did you ever noticed that babies are always looking for attention to be hugged by their mom and dad? Not much has…