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8 Ways to Infinite Productivity: Bonus#1 – Marshmallows

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8 Ways to Infinite Productivity: Bonus#1

Have you ever tried to resist a warm, fresh baked chocolate chip cookie? Remember the pain of temptation? What if I tell you that, if you want 30 minutes, you can have 2 cookies? Would you wait? Would you take the 1 cookie? If you ever wonder what a kid would do and how they tend to react to delayed gratification, watch the marshmallow test here:

For us Grown-up kids, our marshmallow nowadays comes in the form of

Email, Texts, Alerts, SMS, Facebook, Pins, Instagrams, and all sorts of instant delivery methods,

hitting us right in front of our eyes, bombarding us with fresh new imageries of these marshmallows and chocolate chip cookies. These Distractions are robbing our attention, on average, every 3 minutes. and, guess what? It takes 11 minutes to regain our focus. In the end, what happens is that, some of us may never stay focused! What to do? It is actually blindingly obvious, and at the same time very difficult to do.


Unsubscribe to the Victoria’s Secret Emails! Stop watching Dancing with the Stars! Stop following the latest Sports Scores! Stop caring about what the Kardashians are doing! You DON”T NEED TO KNOW. and you will be more Blissful when you STOP following OTHER PEOPLE’S LIVES and SPEND MORE TIME ON YOUR OWN LIFE!

Action today: Identify at least 3 things to turn off today. More if you can. Turn them all off.


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