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8 ways to Infinite Productivity – How to get it all done – Part 3

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8 ways to Infinite Productivity – How to get it all done – Part 3

First off, let me be clear. You can NEVER get it ALL done. The to-do list is never completely clean. There’s always something else that needs to be done, that requires your attention.   

And if you have OCD (like me), things gets worse. The Inbox must be clean, every email marked checked. All my iPhone updates must be done. There has to be no un-attended notifications, unopened texts, ever. It’s got to be clean. One of the commonly used tips is to ‘Prioritize’ your task lists. Which is good advice. I do believe that you need to prioritize. To get a little further, narrow down to your top 3 priorities. Everything else can wait. Rather than having a To-do / Wish list – why not schedule them into your Calendar? Once a task gets on your calendar, it’s scheduled. It is to be done. And when you see the reminder you make it your priority to go get it done right at that time.


Sounds easy? While the idea is simple, it may not be easy. 
Try it for 21 days. And, if you can keep this up for 21 days, you will notice that:
1. this has become a Habit
2. things are getting done
3. Your to-do list is getting shorter the End result?
A happier, stress-free YOU!


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