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8 Ways to Infinite Productivity – Part 2: How much TIME do you spent being sick?

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8 Ways to Infinite Productivity – Part 2: How much TIME do you spent being sick?

Tip #2:Be Healthy 

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Do you know that an average person spend 35000 Hours over their lifetime being SICK? Have you ever attempted to WORK while you are SICK IN BED? Have you noticed that your Recovery Time is taking longer and longer as you age? I can’t stress enough the importance of Health. Even if it is not about boosting your productivity, Staying Healthy makes you happier, live longer, spend less $$$ on medication and therefore wealthier, and also makes you more capable of being productive in your work environment and your community. There are mountains of information around health these days, but the Fundamentals do not change. What are the Fundamentals of staying Healthy?

1. Sleep (see Tip #1)

Get daily 7-9 hours of sleep and keep your sleep times consistent. Adequate sleep allows your body to recover and regenerate cells, fight off diseases, and allow your digestive system to work properly.    

2. Drink Water – 

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Generally recommend a daily 8 cups of water, you may also consider using this formula:

Take your body weight, in Pounds. (e.g. 150 lbs) Divide by 2 (150 / 2 =75) This is the # of ounces of H2O you should drink every day (75 ounces) Remember that caffeinated drinks needs to be offset by even more water. So stay off coffee, tea, soda, etc.  

3. Eat Whole, Real foods, Try to eat ORGANIC if within reach and within budget.

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Eat whole, real foods reduces inflammation in your body, therefore less prone to sickness. It also keeps you young and your body happier.  



4. Proper Supplementation

Even if you eat clean, organic, whole foods, nowadays you still cannot get all your nutrients from foods (unless you take in 35,000 calories per day). Proper supplementation will help your body fight off diseases, stay young and healthy. Suggestions: Here’s a Brand that Olympians and WTA Players swear by.

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