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Be a Lotus

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Be A Lotus

This week on the Foolish Couple @Home, we bring out our oriental roots and explore the magic of the Lotus. <Add your comments below>

  I was always fascinated by the lotus. Not the Brand, initially, but yes, later. Even the Brand of the car. Lotus, in Chinese saying, is unique, special. It grew up in mud, in murky waters, yet it grew up beautiful, clean, and pure. The mud, the murky waters, none of that could remain on the lotus itself. As the Chinese saying goes: “The Lotus emerges from mud, but was never stained by the mud”. All too often, we blame our environment, our humble beginnings, our family, our parents, that we weren’t brought up in perfect conditions. That we weren’t ‘Born with a Silver Spoon’. Far too often, we felt ‘Entitled’ to what others have. We feel that we should possess everything that our friends have, and more. We try to exceed each other, in our toys, in our gadgets, and all the other doodads. And when we couldn’t, we blame our parents, our ‘poorness’. We often see ‘Money’ as the ‘Fixer’ of all things. It could buy us everything we want. If only we had $$$  we could ….. But remember this,   “You may be Broke. But You are NEVER POOR ” <Tweet This>

  you may be temporarily out of funds, but that does not make you poor. Unless you believe that you are. Count your blessings, your love, your relationships, your friends, your knowledge, your spirituality. You are Wealthy. Just in a different way.    
Lotus are Useful too!
We’ve talked about how amazing Coconuts are, that every part of it is used for something. Lotus is similar. Lotus roots, flowers, seeds, and fruits all have medicinal qualities. Lotus flowers are a beauty by itself and it graces so many ponds, provides shelter for goldfish and the like. Be a Lotus! Don’t let your history deter you. Don’t let your background pale you. Be a Lotus. You are Beautiful. –The Foolish Couple

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