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Foolish Feast #10 – Salmon

The Foolish Couple 0

Finally catching up on my 1-2-3 relationship fun goal!Having lived in Canada for many years, where salmon is fresh and succulent, salmon in California just doesn’t really measure up. But it is still our go-to fish because of its high omega-3 values and the fact that salmon is easy to cook.So this time, we chose to cook it 3 ways:1. Salmon chowder – like clam chowder, without the clam and clam juice. 2. Salmon Cake – like crab cakes, without the crab. We recommend that you use wild-caught canned sockeye salmon.3. Kombu-cured salmon – wrapped in kombu and lemon for a day to cure the salmon, then immerse in a marinade of miso, mirin, and soy sauce. Top with jalapeno jelly and broil.Salmon is easy to cook, delicious tasting and widely available. It is also high in omega-3 (only in wild-caught salmon) which is good for your health and your brain. So be smart. eat salmon and be happy.SaveSaveSave