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Foolish Feast #5 – Tomatoes

The Foolish Couple 0

Summer is here! Tomatoes are in season! Colorful, delicious, juicy tomatoes, big and small, red ones, yellow ones, orange ones, green ones. All in abundance at the farmer’s market.We love to cook with seasonal ingredients. Produce that are in season are local, fresh, and much more affordable than when they are out of season.So, for our Feast #5 – w chose to use Tomatoes. Technically a fruit, tomatoes are usually cooked as a vegetable. Here’s our ingredients:Here’s our menu:Tomato and cucumber gazpacho, a chilled, vegetarian soup that is healthy and refreshingTomatoes, corn and lobster salad: we love lobster, and we love corn. Put them together with fresh, baby tomatoes and it is both pretty and deliciousTomato and mozzarella sandwich, a simple yet delicious alternative to traditional grilled cheese sandwich.Here’s the finished product: