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How to be Foolishly Happy … now

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Do You Want to be Happy?

On this week’s The Foolish Couple @Home, we’ll discuss one big advantage to being foolish – We are Happier People! Add a comment to share your thoughts.  

Are you Happy?

Truth is, 99% of people want to be Happy. They are often Unhappy with some aspect of their lives. They may be unhappy at their job, their business is not going as well as they wish to, their spouse does not understand them, their children are not behaving as well as they wish. etc. etc. etc. Even if you are one of those that counts their blessings daily, record their daily gratitude in their journals, they still want to be happier.

Why are you not as Happy as you want to be?

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There are tons and tons of theory out there, in books, blogs, classes, podcasts. Everyone has a theory. Maybe you are aiming too high. Maybe you set the wrong goals. Maybe you are comparing what you have to what someone else has. We’ve grown up watching our parents and our grandparents holding grudges against someone else because of the smallest things. I vividly remembered my beloved grandmother refused to hang out with a relative, because he ‘never pays for lunch’. Better yet, the ‘I won’t call her because she’s supposed to call me’ syndrome. For some unknown reason, the ‘grudge-holding’ technique was never passed on to me. I simply don’t remember these events that happened.

Or maybe I do remember, but I ‘instantly forgive’ them. So I move on Happily.

Maybe it’s because We are Foolish.
We Forget.
We Forgive.
When you are able to ‘Forgive’, you become instantly happier. (Says Success Magazine, April 2016 issue).

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Who would you have to Forgive to be happy?
We chose to forgive everyone. But if you have to choose, here’s one person that I believe everyone should forgive: YOU
You take responsibility of your lives, but you also have to forgive yourselves when you do something wrong, hurt someone, cause a negative outcome. It is YOU that is the hardest to forgive. We beat ourselves up, feel crappy for days, and we tend to replay the incident over and over again. Some people loses sleep over it. Others OVER EAT. Some would show their rage in front of their loved ones. It is hard to know how far you would go when you don’t forgive yourself.

How do you Forgive Yourself?
For some people, like me, forgiveness comes natural. We simply accept the incident, forgive, and move on. For others, Forgiveness may not be so easy. Here’s what I suggest:
    1    on a small piece of paper, write out the incident. Whatever it is that you did that is bothering you. Whatever it is that you are beating yourself over.
    2    Fold up the paper. Wrap it in a tiny gift wrap. Put a ribbon around it if you like.
    3    Treat this as a little gift to yourself. Think about what you’ve learned from it. Think about how you would handle the situation next time.
    4    Put the gift away in a safe place. Lock it up in a safe if you have one.
If you don’t like this blog, forgive me.  
Be Foolish. Forget. Forgive. <Tweet This>


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