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You ARE what you EAT … and That’s NOT a good thing!

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Foolish Insight, 2017-09-18You are what you eat …And its not a good thing We have received tremendous response from our previous blog: Prevention is better than cure, and we have been flooded with questions and comments.Many of you told us that they eat “healthy”, according to either the USDA Food Pyramid, or to the more Current USDA My Plate recommendations.Since the Food Pyramid is seen as the “authoritative” source for nutritional information it has been propagated by the media, by teachers, physicians and nutritionists all over the country.But do you know where the food pyramid came from?The USDA Food pyramid began in the late 1800’s by Wilbur Olin Atwater, a PHD in agricultural chemistry. Atwater was tasked and funded by the government to build a respiration Calorimeter for studying Human metabolism. He determined that the calorie was a means of measuring the efficiency of a diet and that different foods produced different amounts of energy. His research led to the first Published USDA Farmer’s Bulletin which is essentially, the father to the Food Pyramid. He recommended that, for best human metabolism, we should eat more protein, legumes and whole vegetables and limit the intake of Fat, sugar and starchy carbohydrates.However, over the years, the USDA Nutrition guide evolved and ignored the findings of Dr Atwater and eventually became the food pyramid in the 1990’s. As you can see, both the pyramid and the latest Myplate suggested that a large portion of the diet should consist mainly of High carbohydrate grains and engineered vegetable products such as Bread, cereal, rice and pasta. These are highly processed foods that have little or no nutrition value. My opinion on the the Food pyramid and “MyPlate” is that it is more catered to the food manufacturing industry and is essentially a marketing tool for the food processing industry.The pyramid is supposed to promote better health but since it’s introduction in the 1990’s, degenerative diseases such as heart disease, cancer ,Diabetes, Obesity, Alzheimers and Parkinsons diseases are continuing to grow at an alarming rate. Is it really a coincidence? That’s up to you to decide. Why do we say: “you are what you eat” and its not a good thing?We look at all aspects of your lives to help you achieve whole life success. However whole life success is meaningless if you are not healthy. Leading long lives filled with pain and suffering is miserable and certain not ‘Successful’ by our definition. As a certified Nutrition Coach, I have analyzed the diets of clients and friends over the last 4 years and it doesn’t matter the age, the ethnicities or the sex, almost all of them fall short of what your bodies and cells need for optimal nutrition to fight oxidative stress and to ward off degenerative diseases. Most of them eat enough to meet RDA requirements but only a select few eat close to what they need for optimal nutrition. What about RDA’s? According to the American Medical Association (AMA), Recommended Daily allowances(RDAs) do little to prevent against chronic degenerative diseases.…