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The Foolish Couple @Home – Addicted to Busy

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Addicted to Busy

Everyone around us always claims to be ‘BUSY’. Our daily conversation begins with “How are you doing?” “Oh, Busy, busy, busy.” And yet, we rarely feel busy, even with 4 businesses, 4 cats, gym, badminton, music, eating out, and everything else. Why is that? We  ‘Want’ to be ‘BUSY’, we feel guilty when we are not. Then why are we so busy? Here’s our answer:
Parkinson’s Law

[Work Expands so as to FILL the TIME AVAILABLE for its COMPLETION]
  Meaning? If we are given a week to complete a task, we will make this task so complicated that it will take our FULL EFFORT for a week to complete the task. However, if we’re only allowed 2 hours to do the same, we most likely would be able to still COMPLETE the TASK. This is otherwise called the “Day Before Vacation” Phenomenon: The day before you go on a long vacation, away from home, away from work and family and friends, things tends to somehow get done MAGICALLY within the 24 hours. Tasks that would probably never have been completed if you weren’t going on vacation. How do we OVERCOME the Parkinson’s Law: we COMPRESS TIME! You see, TIME is the great EQUALIZER. Rich people has 24 hours a day, poor people has the same. Healthy people enjoy 24 hours, sick people suffer 24 hours a day. Fortune CEO’s have 24 hours. Every worker-bee also has 24 hours. Grown-ups have 24 hours. Children has the same. We can all spend our 24 hours being productive, contributing to community, or we can spend our 24 hours being a COUCH POTATO. How you spend your time is YOUR CHOICE. Only allow ourselves a very small amount of time to complete a task. Each day, we allocate 2 hours of time to ‘WORK’ – and we always complete everything we want to do, because the remaining of our day is filled with FUN and EDUCATIONAL activities. We play, we eat, we talk, we relax. 2 hours of work, 6 hours of fun. We are NEVER BUSY.
So go ahead. Try it out. Learn to COMPRESS TIME.

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