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The Foolish Couple @Home – From FOB to FOB

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The Foolish Couple @Home – From FOB to FOB

You may have been called an “FOB” before – when we first moved to North America, we didn’t know what it meant. It was not a welcoming term. As children that were new to a foreign country, we were unfamiliar with the language, the culture, the customs, the holidays. We have no friends, no family, no support structure. Our parents had to start from scratch. Build up their family from nothing. As we grew up, we made new friends, we met the ‘love of our lives’ – and we move on – to another new territory where we are, also, starting from scratch. That’s the life of an FOB. What’s the other FOB?

In the business world, FOB stands for ‘Family Owned Business’. Walmart is a FOB. FORD was an FOB, amongst many others, although smaller. FOB’s are the fastest growing type of business structure, and they tend to be better employers, provide a tighter, more supportive work environment, have a family culture and generally are friendlier and less ‘Profit oriented’ than corporations.

Most FOBs are smaller scaled, ours are Home Based. (see our previous blog posts where we discuss our businesses and how we got started). We’ve grown, from being an FOB, to having FOB’s.

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