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The Foolish Couple @ Home: How to Have a Healthy Home

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How to Have a Healthy Home?

The Foolish Couple talks about Health for your Home. We know about maintaining a healthy body by proper Diet, Nutrition, Exercise, and Sleep. But Do you know that your HOME can be HARMFUL to your HEALTH? Some household cleaners contains Toxic Chemicals that remains inside our house, circulated through the air, and is a hazard to our health. We inhale these toxins, or they seep into our bodies through our skin. Although you may not feel the impact right away, the long term effects can be extremely harmful to your health. Organic cleaners and other household items can make a huge difference to your health. Watch the episode here:

  Action for Today: Look through your house for cleaners, laundry detergent, hand soap, air fresheners, and anything that may contains harmful chemicals. Replace them for YOUR HEALTH!

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