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The Foolish Couple @Home Series: It’s Not You! It’s your Resolutions!!

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How ‘Foolish’ Are you with your New Year’s Resolutions!

We’re now into the 3rd month of the year. Spring is coming, allergies are back. Weeds are popping out. Winter is gone. Snow went Poof. Disappeared. So did your New Year’s Resolution. Right? What Happened? Chances are: You’re done with it. That resolution was stupid. It was not for you. What was I thinking? So there you are again. Back to where you were. Same as last year. And the year before. And the year before. Suddenly, 5 years later, you gain 50 pounds, half a head of gray hair, wrinkles on your face, feeling old, dumb, and slow. But wait! It’s Not You! It’s your Goals! That New Year’s Resolution that you made. That was NOT FOR YOU!

Thing is. Most people set their goals based on social acceptance, with wording about what they want, without knowing WHY they want that, WHO they want it for, and HOW to do it. Want to lose 50 pounds? Do you have a plan? Did you have a base line? Plan your meals? Get an exercise routine? Or do you just dream that the pounds would just shed off your body? Did you know what is a ‘safe’ amount of weight you can lose each week, without rebound, without adverse health effects? Long story short. Did you SET THE RIGHT GOALS?

We are the Foolish Couple, and we set ‘Foolish Goals’.
That does not mean it is dumb, stupid. It means we think outside the box. We do things a little differently. We don’t follow the norm.

How do you RESET your New Years Resolution? Tweet This

Foolish Goals
In a Nutshell, Your goal must:
Fulfill a desire: If you don’t know why you want to lose the weight. Why Bother?
Optimal: Don’t make average goals. Make high goals.Aim High. Aim for the best. That’s how you can improve. How you move up. Push yourself forward.
Open and Honest: Be honest to you, your friends, and your family. If you aim to cut gluten, you must let people around you know and understand why you set that goal. How it affects you. That’s how you gain your support. Your goal should not be a secret.
Lined up with values: Your goal must be in line with your core values. If you value your family, don’t resolve to spend 7X24 at work. It won’t last.
Immediate action: There must be specific actions that you can do towards achieving the goal. Immediately. Not next week. next month. next year. If there’s nothing you can do now about your goal, make another goal.
Specific: Make your goal as specific as possible. “I will lose a little bit of weight” is not the same as ” I want to lose 2 pounds every week for the next 5 weeks so that I will be 120 pounds by my birthday. I will change my eating habits by eating XXX, following this XXX food plan, and exercise 30 minutes each day doing XXX”. Get the picture?
Happy: Last, and the best, your goal must make you HAPPY. Yeah. If it makes you miserable, why did you set the goal? Everyone wants to be happy. You get health to make you happy. You make more money because it gives you the tools that will bring you joy. Because you can use the money to help people and that makes you happy. So, before you drop your new years resolution, Review it. Redo it. and Reset your Goals. Make it Foolish!


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