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The Foolish Couple @Home Series: Ketchup and Mustard – A Perfect Pair

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Ketchup and Mustard – A Perfect Pair

macdI remember those days. I grew up in Hong Kong, so eating Chinese food was a daily event, a norm, a bore. As a child, going to McDonalds was a treat, a special occasion, a ‘Big’ day, as I used to describe it. That was silly, “Foolish” almost. But that’s what being a child was all about.
I remember the excitement when I receive my ‘french fries’, which I really thought was originating from France, and the lady in the red hat handed me 2 packets of Ketchup. Yes. In Hong Kong, those things are precious. Same as napkins. You are handed 1 packet of ketchup with small fries. 2 with a large size. And wow they tasted good. Little do I know that it was all about the sugar. Store-bought Ketchup has very little nutritional value, and it definitely was not a ‘VEGETABLE’.

Today’s Ketchup contains mostly high fructose corn syrup made from GMO corn, contains toxic chemicals, and, of course, an average of 4grams of sugar per serving (1 serving is 1 tbsp, about the size of 1 packet of McDonald’s ketchup). Not only does it contain no nutrition, it may actually be harmful to your body. Just 1 tablespoon of ketchup will spike your blood sugar level. Knowing the facts does not mean you have to give up Ketchup.

I still enjoy it, like Pikachu from Pokemon. It just taste so DAMN GOOD. So us, as the Foolish Couple, sought out better alternatives. Healthier options without sacrificing taste. Of course you can go Organic. But Organic Ketchup is expensive. And it still contains lots of sugar. What else can we do? You can MAKE YOUR OWN KETCHUP. WHAT????

Yeah. Ketchup is surprising easy to make, and it taste AWESOME! Not too sweet, not to sour. Just the right mix of tomato-ey sweet and sour. OK then. What else can you make yourself? Well, since we’re near the Valentine’s day, we thought we’d do a pairing:

Why Mustard? Because Mustard is an ingredient to make KETCHUP. Plus, Mustard has tremendous health benefits:
    1    It contains Tumeric, which contains Cucumin, which is a power anti-inflammatory for your cells
    2    It contains Mustard Seeds, which contains Vitamin B-Complex that helps you stabilize your cholesterol and is also helps control your diabetes.
    3    It boosts your immune system
Homemade Ketchup also have health benefits:
    1    it contains Lycopene, which is a powerful anti-oxidant that helps stop LDL from oxidizing (controls your Cholesterol)
    2    it is good for Eye Health
    3    it protects your skin from sunburn
Having said all that, Here’s a video on how to make Ketchup and Mustard:

For a downloadable Recipe, visit our site at under recipes

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