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The Foolish Couple’s Money Saving Tips: Household Cleaner Recipes

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Money Saving Tips: Household Cleaner Recipes

Recipes to household cleaners that you can make at home
 Do you have bleach? windex? palmolive? pine sol? Does your household cleaner smell strong and pungent? So much that you have to pinch your nose? I used to clean my whole house with pine sol, lysol, windex, and all other types of strong-smelling, chemical cleaners. When I am done cleaning, my hands are chapped, the whole place smells like cleaners, and the smell stays inside the house for many hours. Nowadays, we are all made aware of the toxicity of chemicals, and those in our household cleaners are especially toxic. So we turn to ‘Organic, natural’ cleaners that we can find from supermarkets and stores everywhere. But, just like organic foods, these cleaners are often overpriced, and sometimes the ingredients are not exactly ‘Natural’ nor ‘Organic’.

Spray Bottle with Flower and ScrubSo, in order to save our lives (health), and our money (wealth), we turn to making our own household cleaners. Tweet this In this video, we will show you how to make the 4 basic cleaners that we use the most: Basic Glass Cleaner Natural Lemon Degreaser Air Freshener (Relaxing or invigorating, depending on your choice of essential oil) and, for everything else, an All Purpose Cleaner Remember: If you use fresh lemon juice in your solution, keep it in your fridge, or use it up within a month or so. Also, do not use lemon juice on stone surfaces such as marble and granite. The acidity in lemon, though it is a good cleaning agent, will slowly eat away the stone. All you need is:
    •    Spray bottles
    •    Distilled / Filtered Water
    •    Baking Soda
    •    White Vinegar
    •    Essential Oils (your choice)
    •    Fresh Lemon

**For more recipes, visit our website at and go to the Resources page.

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