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What is WORK?

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What does WORK mean?
On this week’s The Foolish Couple @Home, we’ll discuss why we all need to work and how our work impact our lives. Add a comment to share your thoughts.

What is Work?

“WORK” sounds like a dirty word, something bad, nasty, mean. Something that 99% of the people hated. I googled ‘WORK’ in, and it came up with a rather extensive explanation. It is a word that is BOTH a NOUN and a VERB. As a Noun: Work is
    •    An Exertion or effort directed to produce or accomplish something; labor; toil
    •    Productive or operative activity
    •    Employment, as in some form of industry, especially as means of earning one’s livelihood
    •    One’s place of employment
    •    Something on which exertion or labor is expended; a task or undertaking
    •    Materials, things, on which one is working or is to work
    •    The result of exertion, labor, or activity; a deed or performance

As a Verb: Work means
    •    To labor
    •    To be employed
    •    To be in operation, as a machine
    •    To act or operate effectively
    •    To attain a specific condition, as by repeated movement
    •    To have an effect or influence, as on a person or on the mind or feelings of a person
    •    To move in agitation, as the features under strong emotion

What does WORK mean?


We often talk about ‘WORK’ as something dirty, something bad, tedious, bad for us. We often complain about having to go to work, having too much work, ‘All I do is work’. For us, with 4 businesses, all home-based, our friends often think that we are ‘Not Working’. Because we don’t ‘Go to Work’. ‘Work from Home’ may sounds like ‘Stay home and do Nothing’, but it is far from it. Working from home takes much more discipline on yourself and on your partner. And, although we may enjoy some flexibility in time, we do spend time working, very often more than the 40 hour work days that an average worker do. We’re often judged by ‘WHERE’ we work. ‘Working at home’ sounds like ‘partying at home’. Working at Google is cool. Working for the IRS? We hate you. But Work IS Part of your Life? Right? In fact, it is an important part of your life. It keeps you fulfilled, makes you feel important, that you are part of the society. That you are contributing to this world. The KEY is doing your BEST WORK is to NOT LET IT BE your WHOLE LIFE! <Tweet this> That’s what Work-Life Balance is all about.

WHO Do you WORK for?

Office Worker Working Hard On Her Computer

The simple answer is that you work for your company, your employer, your boss. Because they compensate you for your time and effort. If you think deeper, Who do you really Work for? WORK allows us to pay our bills, provide for our families, gives us the ability to make the best use of our talents to serve other people and to help our community. So in essence, you Work for your family, your community, for those who you can serve, and you work for YOUR FUTURE.

What are you working on?

It may be a project at work, a project at home. You are constantly ‘Working’ on something, even if you don’t have a ‘job’ type of work. If you ever run out of ‘Work’, a person becomes miserable, without a purpose in life, with nothing to look forward to, with no foreseeable future. Imagine those that are too sick to work. They are too sick not only to do their job, they are too sick to take care of their family, their children, pets. Too sick to ‘enjoy’ working. Imagine their sadness, their feeling of helplessness, the ego that suffered from having to depend on someone because they can’t even do their basic tasks. How happy can they be?

Who do you work with?

sign direction work - life made in 2d software

Co-workers, colleagues, bosses, customers, vendors. At work, we can all different types of relationships, we come into contact with people from different companies, different careers, different purposes and different goals. As the’Foolish Couple’, we work with each other. We live together and work together. We hang out together 24X7 all year long, and it’s been that way for 28 years. And it isn’t just about ‘WORKing’ on business. We all have to ‘WORK’ on our relationships. Relationships, just like plants, and children, needs to be nourished, taken care of, in order to grow. Far too often, we see couples that grew apart because they ‘simply don’t have anything common anymore’. When you give up on a relationship, the relationship gives up on you too. Your relationship with your husband / wife becomes empty and meaningless. At that point, living together feels like ‘HARD WORK’, because you no longer cherish and enjoy each other’s company. Let’s not get there. Every day, spend a few moments to really cherish your loved one, be intimate, show your gratitude, share your joy. It may feel foolish, but you will feel fulfilled. Not only will you feel happier, the people around you will also feel more hopeful, more joyful.

Remember. WORK does not equal JOB. Be Foolish.


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