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Posts published in September 2016

How to be Perfect every time?

The Foolish Couple 0

How to be Perfect?Are you perfect? Do you want to be? Do you try to be perfect in everything you do?Many of us are brought up to be ‘Perfect’. The Perfect 10. The 100%. The Top of Class.Ever since we were young, we were taught to be ‘Perfect’. It is never good enough to be ‘OK’. It is not ideal to be ‘Doing Your Best’. Things must be perfect. Achieving Perfection is the goal. Be the Perfect child.The Perfect student.The Perfect Wife.The Perfect Worker.Have the perfect body?Do a perfect yoga pose?Take the perfect picture?Host the perfect party?If you get 4A’s and 1B’s on your transcript, what would your parent’s reaction be?Good job! You got 4 A’s, orWhat happened to the ‘B’? And that is how I was raised, by my parents, my teachers, and pretty much everyone else around me.I should be perfect. The perfect daughter. The perfect student. The perfect pianist.But I’m far from it.I don’t feel perfect. Even when I did feel like I played ‘Perfectly’ in a piano recital, the next day I would rethink again, doubt myself, and eventually came up with points where I just was not perfect.The good thing is, you can learn from your mistakes, your imperfections.The bad news is, you spend your life chasing perfection. And Perfection is like a shadow. It is right in front of you, and never to be reached. What is considered ‘Perfect’? What does it mean?Is there a universal definition of how ‘Being Perfect’ should be? Or is it subject to our opinions, our experiences, and our preferences?According to, the definition of ‘Perfect’ isentirely without any flaws, defects, or shortcomings;accurate, exact, or correct in every detail;excellent or complete beyond practical or theoretical improvement;What happens even if you are the ‘Perfect 10’?I was watching the women’s gymnastics during the 2016 Summer Olympics games in Rio, Brazil, one of the most watched Olympics event across the globe.During one of the competitions, the camera panned in on Nadia Comaneci, the Romanian gymnast who is considered an Icon in the gymnastics world. Nadia received a perfect score of ‘10’ during the 1976 Olympic games in Montreal, and then again in the 1980 Olympic games.While she is considered a legend, an icon, an model in the gymnast world, the scoring system for gymnastics has evolved so that a score of ‘10’ is probably a very poor performance. The scoring system is now based on the difficulty of the routine and by the execution. And every competitor can potentially has a different ‘Maximum’ score.The ‘Perfect 10’ is no longer perfect.Why do we work so hard to be Perfect? Being ‘Perfect’ is an emotional state, a judgement, an opinion on how things should be, how a person should behave, what you can achieve. Achieving ‘Perfection’ is a stroke of ego, a boost to our confidence, and gives us a sense of achievement.But the sense of Perfection often don’t stay inside our heads long enough to give us the satisfaction we need.Before we even celebrated our achievement, we are already…