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How Watching Cartoons is Keeping You from Getting rich

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How watching cartoons are keeping you from getting rich<The Foolish Couple@Home Series 2016-05-05>Growing up, I love watching and reading cartoons. In Hong Kong where I grew up, when I walk home from school, I would pass by this newsstand on the street side, and I would happily fork out 2 dollars out of my tiny allowance, in exchange for a fresh, new copy of Doraemon., a robot cat from the future, who can pull infinite gadgets from his tummy pouch. Doraemon stays with a normal, working class family. The evil kid is the rich kid. The one that has all the gadgets and the kid that no one likes.I love all types of animation. Doraemon, Superman, Gundam, Arale, Ultraman, Dragonball, Bart Simpson. I love them all.And then, of course, there’s Disney. Snow White, Cinderella, Aristocats, Little Mermaid, 101 Dalmatians, etc, etc, etc. Heroes are always handsome. Heroines always the most beautiful girl in the world. Villains are always powerful, wealthy, ugly. There are some exceptions (quasi-moto). But, for the most part, I grew up thinking that beautiful people are good. Ugly people arebad. Rich people are evil.Cruella de Ville? Mr. Burns? Snow White’s Evil Queen? Powerful, bad, and scary.And that’s how most of us grew up. We learned to despise people that are wealthy and powerful. Even TV and movies often portray this stereotype. The “rich” people are criminals. They treat people badly. No one like them. They are lonely. This kind of ‘conditioning’ began at a very young age for humans, and, because we are all social animals, we like to be ‘liked’. Subconsciously, we relate ‘being rich’ to being lonely, evil, sad. Our subconscious mind, therefore, prevents us from becoming rich.This is the basis of the Law of Attraction. What your subconscious mind think is what you attracts. To overcome this, you must re-condition your brain to work in your favor. You can begin by relating wealth to doing good, contributing to the community, doing philanthropic work, helping the homeless, the hungry, the sick and disabled. A common ‘limiting’ belief is that ‘I have enough money’. I believe that you can never have too much money. The richest man in the world donated 90% of his wealth. You can do the same. There are countless people in this world that needed your financial aid. So go and get rich. Strive to help as many people as you can. Do good.