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Foolish Feast #4 – Eggs

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By the Foolish Couple, on Mother’s Day, 2017

Our fun relationship goal this year is to cook 12 meals together, with 1 main ingredient, 2 chefs, and 3 courses. We called it our 1-2-3 goal.

Cooking together isn’t something we do frequently, and definitely not a 3-course meal. Sure, we cook at home, because we have control of the ingredients we cook with. At home, we insist on clean, organic, non-GMO ingredients. Yes we do have some store-bought stuff. This time we have store-bought egg noodles and egg dumplings. Making our own noodles and dumplings is just a tad bit behind our culinary abilities.

This time, we chose an ingredient normally used for breakfast and brunch, and rarely used for dinner: Eggs.

Deciding on a menu was a challenge, and fun. We have considered scrambled eggs, eggs benedict and omelette. Which is perfectly yummy, but decide on a little more of a challenge. So the menu this time is:

1. Chawanmushi – Japanese steamed egg, with crab meat and chives. The trick to good chawanmushi is on the dashi, a clear broth cooked with bonito flakes, dried kelp, shitaki mushrooms, and mirin. We made a huge pot of dashi and use it not only for the chawanmushi, but also for our next dish.

2. Egg noodles with Onsen egg and egg dumpling

Yes the egg noodles and egg dumplings are store bought. We won’t even pretend to know what’s involved in making our own noodles. But we did make our own Onsen eggs.

“Onsen” is Japanese for hot springs. Historically the eggs were cooked in hot springs to a perfect soft boil. But in the modern world without a hot springs in our backyard, the eggs were put into really really hot boiled water and soaked for 20 minutes. Using the dashi as the broth, add the egg noodles, egg dumplings, and crack the onsen eggs into the mix and voila, we’re done.

3. Baked egg custard – similar to the stuff inside a Chinese egg tart, we used a mix of coconut milk and heavy cream rather than whole milk, and it turned out to be the perfect dessert to end dinner.

The cook time is actually quite short, everything came together within an hour, and everything taste delicious and nutritious. Eggs are good source of protein, which is a critical component to rebuilding the cells in your body.

Having a good relationship with your husband  or wife means you should be having fun together. Are you having fun yet? Do you have a fun relationship goal? What is it?

Share your comments with us here, or drop us a note. We’d love to hear from you.

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