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The Foolish Couple @Home Series:Love your Coconuts!

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Love Your Coconuts!


 You’ve all seen that hula girl, wearing her coconut bra, and dance away to beautiful, tranquil, Hawaiian music. Hawaiians love their coconuts, and not always to make bras. We’ve all seen it. The latest craze. Coconut Oil. In fact, the use of Coconut Oil has been blogged, discussed, and talked about many times. One of those that I love is from Wellness Mama. But if you’ve lived in tropical weather, you would know that Coconut is a WONDER FRUIT. My father grew up in Malaysia, and his love for coconut never faded. He puts coconut milk in his Curry, Laksa, Latte, Jello. Coconut gives me that warm, fuzzy feeling. It is also truly a SUPER FRUIT.

All parts of the Coconut can be used for something:
The Coir: to make Floor mats, brushes, ropes, etc The Husk and Shell: can be used as a bowl, a bra (hawaiian girl), and is also a mosquito repellent
Coconut Water: Healthy sugar that gives you instant energy. Also used to make coconut vinegar
Coconut Meat: delicious to eat. Also used to make Coconut Oil and Coconut Milk Coconut Leaves: used to make baskets, roofing thatches
Coconut Trunk: Used to make furniture and houses
Coconut Roots: Used as a dye, mouth wash, toothbrush

While it’s easy to find Coconut Oil use, there isn’t much on Coconut Milk.
coconut milk
Coconut milk is a delicious milk form, can be used in your coffee drinks, also used in Curry, puddings, as a topping on jello. And it’s easy to make your own coconut milk:
    1    drill a small hole in the coconut. Drain the coconut juice and drink it. It’s delicious.
    2    Put the coconut into a sealed plastic bag.
    3    Using a hammer, crack open the coconut. It may be best to do this outside.
    4    Use a spoon to scoop out the coconut meat.
    5    Put all the coconut meat into a blender. Add about a 1/4 cup of warm water. Blend together.
    6    Depending on the consistency that you want, you may want to add more water and blend.
    7    Store the coconut milk in a glass, well-sealed container.
    8    Enjoy!

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