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Tired of Smart Goals? Set FOOLISH Goals!

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Are you Tired of SMART Goals? Set FOOLISH Goals!

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This time of year, it is almost a Tradition to set goals.

New Year’s Resolutions?

Chances are, you’ve heard of SMART goals (specific, blah, blah, blah, timely).

Have you tried it?

Did it work?

Are you disappointed that it didn’t work?

Well. It’s not You. It’s Your Goals.

It’s time to set FOOLISH goals.

Watch it here:

Our goal setting framework works Foolishly well:

F – Fulfill a desire
O – Optimal
O – Open and Honest
L – Lined up with your Values
I – Immediate action
S – Specific
H – Happy

Simply put,  your goals must be something that you wanted to do.

Set optimal goals, not small ones. It doesn’t take any more effort to set Optimal goals then small goals.

Be open and honest with yourself and with people around you. Share your goals. Your friends can be your support.

Your goals must lined up with your values. Not your parents, not your peers, your teachers, not anybody else. It must be something that you feel good achieving it.

You must be able to take some type of action immediately. This will help you build momentum and keep you working towards your goal.

Specific – ok so we took this from SMART. Be specific. ‘Lose a little weight’ is not specific. ‘Have a BMI of 25% by April 1st, 2017’ is specific.

And, of course, this goal must make You Happy. Not only the end result, but you must also enjoy the journey towards achieving your goal.

Why do you want this goal? How would it change your life if you get it? What steps can you take today towards achieving the goal? How will you track and measure your progress? How would you know when you finally get the results that you wish for?

Share your thoughts with us here. Leave your comments below. We’d love to hear from you.

–Andrew & Minna, The Foolish Couple

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